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2012 Oct 05, Add new Source


English  |  Horror & Suspense
The” found footage” genre was used almost to death in the period of 2005-2012. However, Scott Derrickson’s Sinister is something bigger than regular “found footage scary movie”. In Sinister, where Derrickson’s talent is multiplied on Ethan Hawke’s play, the old fashion draggy movie blossoms with new fruitful flowers conceiving the new levels of horror film’s quality. The story begins, when the main protagonist, Ellison finds a footage which was made a long time ago by the previous inhabitants of his new house. As it follows from the footage, four members of the family were hanged on the nearest trees, while fifth one; a little girl has disappeared somewhere and hasn’t been found since. As the professional writer, specializing on the scandalous crime stories, he begins his own investigation with the help of local deputy sheriff (James Ransone, who may be familiar to you as Officer Thomas Prudenti in The Son of No One). As they excavate new facts and stories about this mysterious murder they find similar cases where entire families was killed besides the little girls which are still missing. Step by step Ellison immerses deep into the horror of these mysterious deaths becoming increasingly unsettled mentally, as the rest of his family show the sings of serious emotional distress. His wife Tracy (Juliet Rylance, who played in Adam Shaw) and 12-year-old Trevor (Michael Hall D'Addario who played in People Like Us) hear strange frightening voices that are coming out from the attic where the scary footage was found.
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