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2012 Oct 26, Add new Source

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

English  |  Horror & Suspense
For those who have enjoyed bestiary of the same name horror videogames, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D or Silent Hill 2 is sort of fresh air after the years of silence both from creators of original game series, Konami and director of the first Silent Hills, Christophe Gans. Now the silence is broken by Michael J. Bassett, a director of the next movie in Silent Hill franchise. Now, fans of Pyramid Head, Suki, Monster in the Mist, Dalia and other members of horrific bestiary are free to express their wild enthusiasm by watching and rewatching movie. The rest of others horror film fans will enjoy 3D atrocities in total consternation. To say the truth, horror movies are the most fertile ground for 3D technology and the movies like Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is strict evidence of this fact. The dread scenes is so frightening amplified by 3D CGI that even most stupid screenplay will be graciously accepted for sake of opportunity to experience the preterhuman Angst.
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