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2011 Dec 02, Add new Source


English  |  Drama
There are many psychological ailments that humans find themselves having difficulty with. Gambling, alcohol, drugs, and even sex can be problems for those who find them to be too much to overcome when they get out of hand and beyond their control. Shame is about sexual addiction and the problems that ensue when the lack of control makes it difficult to control how and when. Called sexually raw, Shame depicts a character named Brandon as a man who has problems. Seems he masturbates compulsively and stalks victims he chooses in the subway system of New York. This 30 something otherwise normal young man has a social problem that he claims to have no control over but it will ruin him and his life if he can’t get help. Director Steve McQueen (no not that McQueen) put together a brilliant story that is far more common than believed. Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds, Murphy’s Law) is Brandon, Carey Mulligan (The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard, Dr. Who) is Sissy who is actually Brandon’s sister who reappears in his life uninvited, and David is played by James Badge Dale formerly seen on The Black Donnellys and the TV mini series The Pacific.
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