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2011 Jan 07, Add new Source

Season of the Witch

English  |  Horror & Suspense
After it wrapped in November, 2009, Season of the Witch, an old-school horror movie starring Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman, went into a strange suspended animation. In November, 2010, the studio finally distributed a trailer with very little fanfare, and setting a release date in mid-January, 2011. Cinephiles with exquisite powers of observation detected changes in the credits for key production roles, expressing their concern about the project’s integrity. The pre-release buzz registered only lukewarm, and a few long-time fans used the unfortunate phrase “paycheck movie” to describe Cage’s efforts. Reminiscent of Beowolf with more horror and gore, the story draws admirably from all the traditions of medieval storytelling, ultimately pitting the two courageous crusaders against a dark force that threatens to rule the world. Returning from the Crusades, a noble night finds his homeland ravaged by the black plague. Church officials blame sorcery for the pestilence, and they have captured the witch they hold responsible. They command the knight to transport the alleged witch to an abbey where the monks specialize in exorcising demons. The knight enlists the help of a priest, a grieving comrade-in-arms, a disgraced vagabond, and an arrogant young would-be night. Together, they battle hostile and horrible wilderness, making their way to the abbey where the witch’s terrible secret is revealed and literally all hell breaks loose.
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