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2012 Jun 08, Add new Source

Safety Not Guaranteed

English  |  Independent
Premiered at Sundance in January 2012 as the Colin Trevorrow’s directional debut, "Safety Not Guaranteed" is a not-a-typical indie movie deserving wider audience than the common festival “beau monde” is capable to propose. The movie storyline begins with a mysterious advertisement in the local newspaper aimed to recruit a companion to travel in time. As the ad states, the candidate have to bring all his weapons and expect the journey on terms which would not guarantee any safety. Also intriguing is the fact that the ad’s author claims that he traveled in time once. And you have to stop here if you’re expecting to watch some easy sci-fi comedy about time traveling, because this movie is not exactly what you think about. The time travel in its literally meaning takes very insignificant part of film’s plot. The movie is more about traveling in our hearts and times of our lives rather than about comedic situations that fall in the unfortunate time travelers. But not be too upset, the lack of time travel entertainment will be more than offset by the “near perfect” chemistry of the film’s cast. And, of course, as it’s an indie romcom you’ll not find here a stellar “all-celebs-at-once” set, but a perfectly combined synergy of characters. Safety Not Guaranteed features both efficient and charming cast that makes definitely most of the movie. Let’s start with Aubrey Plaza (supporting roles as April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation and The Princess in Troopers) who plays a woman falling in love so flawless that it would be almost undoubtedly considered as her breakout role leading to “Big Hollywood Movies”. Mark Duplass portrays Kenneth Calloway, the peculiar ad’s owner and Jake M. Johnson (you may remember him as Jesus in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas) plays as a smug writer Jeff Schwensen. Another leading role of Belinda St. Sing was achieved by Kristen Bell (you may know her as Chloe for Sceam 4 and Nikki from Burlesque). As well you will see beautiful Karan Soni and Mary Lynn Rajskub in this movie… and, you may be surprised that the Safety Not Guaranteed storyline was inspired by a real life ad placed by a real author, John Silveira,who have attended the Sundance Film Festival and distinctively did not look crazy.
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