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2012 Feb 10, Add new Source

Safe House

English  |  Crime & Thriller
Denzel Washington is Tobin Frost, the most dangerous CIA renegade in this action packed thriller. After being on the run for the past decade he returns. When the safe house he’s staying in is under siege from mercenaries it takes a rookie agent to come to his aid and they escape together. Cape Town in South Africa is where Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) has become increasingly frustrated by his inability to get a good directive that will put him in good standing and allow him to prove his worth as an agent. Along comes Tobin Frost, a dangerous man who will become his unwilling ally when they flee from the mercenaries. Now Weston needs to figure out who to trust and who is out to kill the two of them. Stars Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern, The Proposal) as the CIA rookie Matt Weston, Tobin Frost is portrayed by Oscar winner Denzel Washington (American Gangster, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3), and Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air, Higher Ground).
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