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2012 Apr 27, Add new Source


English  |  Crime & Thriller
The star of such exciting action packed films as The Expendables, The Mechanic, and Killer Elite knows how to mesmerize audiences who come to see plenty of action! In Safe we find he is now an ex cop who had been working on becoming a serious fighter and has only succeeded in becoming a second rate one in the mixed martial arts MMA leagues. Surprising to find him playing a former member of law enforcement but the brawls, guns that never seem to run out of bullets, and seemingly painless jumps through windows are all there just like previous roles he’s played. This time around he needs to rescue a Chinese girl who has been kidnapped. Along with Statham are Chris Sarandon (The Chosen One, The Dead Will Tell), Robert Burke (Miracle at St. Anna, Good Night and Good Luck), and Catherine Chen (Chez N’Ham). Between the crooked New York City policemen and both the Russian and Chinese mafias there is plenty of reason to fear for the 12 year old girl everybody seems to be after. It’s up to Jason Statham’s character to rescue the girl and save the day.
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