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2012 Jun 01, Add new Source

Rock of Ages

English  |  Music
A film dealing with the music industry as deeply as Rock of Ages is worth the watching to listen to all that great music if nothing else. This film also has a stellar cast and some great inside info (make that gossip) dealing with Los Angles in 1987. We meet a couple, Sherrie and Drew, whose romance will be faced by a set of challenges when they meet and discover love at first sight for both of them. Drew Boley is played by Diego Boneta (90210, Pretty Little Liars), Sherrie Christian played by Julianne Hough (Burlesque, Footloose 2011), Tom Cruise (Top Gun, Mission Impossible series) is Stacee Jaxx. Alec Baldwin (Running With Scissors, TV series 30 Rock) is Dennis Dupree. Julianne Hough is multi-talented and also a celebrity dance star from the TV program Dancing With the Stars. Based on a 2005 Los Angeles play Rock of Ages moved on to become a successful Broadway play in 2009. The movie is enjoyable because of the great musical numbers and lots of dancing and singing plus some excellent acting from the cast.
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