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2013 Sep 06, Add new Source


English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Riddick (2013), which previously was titled as The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking is the third movie of the Riddick franchise. The first one was low budget Pitch Black, which was filmed in 2000. This film gave a start both for The Chronicles of Riddick franchise and Vin Diesel career. The movie was a “sleeper hit” grossing over US$53 million in theaters with budget less than US$23 million. The second film in the franchise, The Chronicles of Riddick was less successful in profits: it generated over US$115 million with budget around US$100 million, but met mostly positive audience feedback, although critics met it with tepid reviews. Nevertheless, the third movie is aimed to repeat the success of the first film: it has relatively low budget grossing around US$38 million. The story of the Riddick (2013) revolves around the antihero, Richard B. Riddick. He is left on the scorched planet inhabited by alien predators. When he manages to activate an alarm beacon, it attracts the attention of two spaceships. The first one carries the hordes of thugs hired to kill Riddick, while the second one is captained by the man well known to him. Uncommon intelligence and inhuman strength help Riddick to use these guests to get away from the planet, commit an act of retaliation and rescue the people of his homeworld planet Furya from mass destruction.
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