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2012 Sep 14, Add new Source

Resident Evil: Retribution

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
This time around we appreciate the horror of Resident Evil in 3D and for the fifth time are scared nearly out of our wits by some great writing and superb acting that is not all that common in the horror genre of films. Maybe that is why we now are treated by a fifth installment of this popular and exciting film. Directed by as well as written by Paul Anderson, this is Anderson’s third time up to bat and his experience is deep into the shaping of each character into what he wants of them. We find many returning actors playing their characters once again along with some new ones that transferred over from the video game versions. Once again Alice (Milla Jovovich from all five Resident Evil movies plus The Fourth Kind) is captured by the evil Umbrella. We find out more about her complicated past as she continues her quest for the ones who are at fault for the outbreak. Also returning as Jill Valentine is Sienna Guillory (Silence Becomes You), and Oded Fehr (TV’s Covert Affairs) as Carlos Olivera who now returns as two different and opposing characters. Who says sequels never equal the original have yet to see Resident Evil: Retribution.
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