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2012 Jan 20, Add new Source

Red Tails

English  |  Action & Adventure
This “based on a true story” film has those under utilized yet over trained Tuskegee flyboys chomping at the bit (or pilot’s stick) to go on a mission and prove themselves air worthy. They have nothing better to do than practice their flying skills with their airplanes identified by their painted Red Tails while white pilots are sent out into the field of battle after a mere three months of training and it shows! Finally the powers that be in the Pentagon decide to direct the elite black group of pilots to do World War II battles with Germany. Not only have the Tuskegee Airmen been left to languor on the sidelines, they have to face racial discrimination at every turn while in the military and at home, so they are more than ready to prove themselves worthy. And they most definitely do! Written by John Ridley and George Lucas, Red Tails stars Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Jerry Maguire, American Gangster) as Major Emmanuelle Stance, Nate Parker (Pride, Tunnel Rats) is ace pilot Martin “Easy” Julian, and Terrence Howard (Pride, Iron Man) is Col. AJ Bullard. Top acting and plenty of aerial action!
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