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2011 Sep 22, Add new Source

Red State

English  |  Action & Adventure
The 2011 movie Red State may sound like a political thriller but it’s far from that! You see there is this religious cult called the Five Points Church, led by a fanatical preacher Abin Cooper that protests at funerals (no not that group) and have recently been under investigation by the ATF for suspicious activity. The funerals are primarily for gay individuals who have been murdered locally, leading the local sheriff to investigate the leader of this highly controversial religious clan as a possible suspect. Preacher Cooper (played by Michael Parks from Then Came Bronson, From Dusk Till Dawn) and his wife Sarah (played ably by Melissa Leo from Homicide: Life on the Streets, Righteous Kill) seem to get their kicks from trapping, then executing young men, particularly those who appear to be gay. While Sarah Cooper lures the young men with promises of sexual favors, the couple then entraps them and ties them onto a cross with plastic wrap. The targets for their insane games are easily found on internet chat rooms and once they are murdered there will be funerals to which the preacher Cooper will delight in protesting! Business is good at the Five Points Church. Also starring are John Goodman, Stephen Root, and Kevin Pollak.
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