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2011 Sep 23, Add new Source


English  |  Drama
Based on factual events this film pits a pair of young enthusiastic attorneys against the established big money of the pharmaceutical industry. When an ER nurse is accidently pricked when handling a contaminated needle, the law firm which handles personal injury claims becomes involved. Mike Weiss, who is played by Chris Evans (Street Kings, Push), is young and dedicated even though he also happens to be a drug addict works for a Houston law firm that’s main specialty is handling personal injury claims. His partner Paul Danziger (Mark Kassen of Bernard and Doris, The Sasquatch Gang) who also directs Puncture also works what could be their case of a lifetime. They take on the case involving a hospital ER nurse named Vicky (Vinessa Shaw from Two Lovers, Stag Night) who accidently stuck herself with a syringe. Seems the big drug companies prevent the use of safer syringes to ward off such accidents happening. They seem willing to risk permanent and sometimes fatal results without consideration for others. Each year millions risk infection and contamination by such diseases as Hepatitis C and even HIV when accidental pricks occur. This time around there are two young lawyers who care enough to pursue it to a settlement even though it stretches their law firms business to near collapse. This even takes on international proportions because of the millions who die each year in Africa due to faulty syringes.
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