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2013 Jan 11, Add new Source

Promised Land

English  |  Drama
Directed by Gus Van Sant and featuring Matt Damon in the leading role, Promised Land centers on the ace of the oil industry, Steve Butler, a corporate salesman, who is sent to rural American town to secure the drilling rights of his company to tap into the local resources. The town is going thru an uneasy times after the world financial crisis, and, in these times, the establishing the office and production platforms could be in-need for the locals, especially considering the buying drilling rights from local authorities. However, what seemed as easy procedure at the first look, turned to uneasy challenge for Steve. Now he has to rethink all of his beliefs and approaches to life. The movie is a subject of criticism concerning the facts that the major sponsor of its production is Abu Dhabi Media, which is totally owned by United Arab Emirates. It’s believed that due to this sponsorship, the film puts shale fracking being described in the movie in a bad light, as it significantly increased the oil-producing capabilities of USA and reduced the oil import from UAE. Nevertheless, Promised Land allows us to enjoy brilliant play of Matt Damon, which is considered to be as “top-level” as it was in The Adjustment Bureau, True Grit and The Informant!
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