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2012 Mar 02, Add new Source

Project X

English  |  Comedy & Humor
When three seniors from high school decide to throw a birthday party they plan on doing it up big! A super party that will help them make a name for themselves and as the night’s activities progress things definitely take a turn for the worse when word gets out that a great party is the place to be! Project X has received an R rating because of lots of scenes involving teen age drinking, drugs, nudity, foul language, mayhem and just plain old reckless behavior. Teen age parties are one thing but when they get out of hand as this one does, it becomes a disaster for the house where they party and the hosts who cannot control the out of bounds mayhem. When police arrive the fighting really begins and the must call in the riot police! Starring as Thomas is Thomas Mann (The Middle, iCarly), Jonathan Daniel Brown (Blind on Blind, Pretend Time) is J.B., and Nichole Bloom (Carpool, Everyday) plays the part of Nicole. All cute young teens that deserve better than this crude movie!
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