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2012 Dec 07, Add new Source

Playing for Keeps

English  |  Romance
Gerard Butler plays George in Playing for Keeps, movie filmed in 2012, about a retired soccer player returning back home. He tries to rebuild his relationships with his son. In his efforts to rebuild the family, George agrees to coach son’s soccer team. As the coacher he faces lots of troubles with his wards, but finds out that there are lots of more challenging things in his new live: the gorgeous "soccer’s moms" that take a little too much to shine to new athletic bachelor appeared in their neighborhood. This challenge is uneasy one: Stacie, Patti and Denise together put the eye on George. And if you are confident to manage this “challenge”, just think twice, because Stacie is Jessica Biel, Patti is Uma Thurman and Denise is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Such a stellar cast was gathered by Playing for Keeps director, Gabriele Muccino, for your pleasure.
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