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2012 Oct 05, Add new Source

Pitch Perfect

English  |  Music
For those who can’t get enough of Glee, Universal Studios created an out-loud musical, Pitch Perfect which acclaimed to be a successful hit in 2012 alongside with Step Up Revolution. The story of Pitch Perfect is revolving around a girl Beca, which is portrayed by Anna Kendrick (if you have no idea, who Anna Kendrick is – just remember Rosie from Twilight Saga and you will get a clue). In Pitch Perfect, Anna plays a music-addicted teenager who just arrived to her new college and seems to be mismatch for any clique there. Nevertheless, she herds a group of mean and weird girls that are climbing their way to the heights of recognition as college acappella. Fortunately, Beca features a strong and beautiful vocal talent which will be certainly very helpful in their music battle against male acappella of the college. Namely around that battle most of the Pitch Perfect action revolves.
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