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2012 Jun 01, Add new Source

Piranha 3DD

English  |  Horror & Suspense
Last year some prehistoric fish, namely piranhas took over Lake Victoria and created havoc on the locals. Now we find they are intelligent and can find their way into the town’s water supply through the plumbing. This enables them to enter the area’s new water park and also gain access to swimming pools and sewer system. Be careful when you sit down on your toilet seat! Think of swarms of tiny “Jaws”! With a great cast and some clever writing Piranha 3DD is sure to be a big hit. The “Big Wet” (actually Jungle Rapids in Wilmington, North Carolina) has recently opened and everyone loves the water park, including tourists who don’t know the history of the local water supply. Ving Rhames (Bringing Out the Dead, Pulp Fiction) plays Deputy Fallon, a man with prosthetic legs who lost them in Piranha 3D. Christopher Lloyd (Back To the Future Trilogy) is Mr. Goodwin, Danielle Panabaker (Mr. Brooks, The Crazies) is the water park’s step daughter, Maddy, working at the Big Wet during the summer. David Hasselhoff and Gary Busey have cameo roles in Piranha 3DD.
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