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2013 Mar 01, Add new Source


English  |  Drama
Todd Robinson’s Phantom is an action thriller about a fictional chain of extremely dangerous events supposedly taken place in the midst of Cold War. The movie’s plot revolving around the haunted Captain of Soviet Submarine heading to the center of military exercises of US Army with the dangerous crew members and nuclear missiles on the board. Those dangerous crew members are the KGB agents with the secret mission to launch deadly missiles. The target is the US Navy ships and submarines concentrated in the center of training operation. This will destroy the major part of US Navy and provide an advantage for USSR Army. And, for sure, this will ignite the Third World War resulting with all the devastating nuclear consequences. The Captain of Soviet Submarine, Dmitri Zubov (Ed Harris) stands between an uneasy choice: to herd with hellish KGB Officer (David Duchovny) dreaming to unleash nuclear war, or to turn against his country and save the world.
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