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2012 Jun 29, Add new Source

People Like Us

English  |  Drama
The dramatic storyline of “People Like Us” tells us about unfortunate broke salesman who is suddenly faced the bad news about his father and the necessity to deliver 150 grands to his sister he has never knew. He feels self-confident enough to convince her to let him left the money for himself, but very soon he realizes the futility of his life when he meets lonesome mother struggling for more significant needs than he could even imagine. The film was directed by Alex Kurtzman, who is better known as producer of action-packed movies like Star Trek and Cowboys & Aliens. People Like Us is his debut as director, and it’s essential that this movie is a low budgeted one. However, it does not mean that something is wrong with this film. Awesome directional skills of Kurtzman multiplied on perfect assembly of cast and heart-touching screenplay (co-written by Alex too) resulted in must-see masterpiece equally standing among his other works as producer like Transformers Prime, Exit Strategy, Exit Strategy, Hawaii Five-0, Fringe. But, let’s go back to the cast: beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer (Dark Shadows, Stardust) as Lillian is accompanied by Elizabeth Banks and charming Olivia Wilde (In Time, Tron: Legacy) as Hanna. The “downshifting” salesman is portrayed by Chris Pine, who is well known for his roles in latest Star Treks and very funny dramcom This Means War.
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