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2013 May 10, Add new Source


English  |  Comedy & Humor
Previously known as Tyler Perry Presents Peeples, this movie represents best practice of the genre. The product of Tyler Perry’s genius combined with fresh look of debuting director Tina Gordon Chism worth two hours of your attention for sure. It’s not exactly Medea’s-like comedy with Tyler Perry dressed as big and monstrous Afro-American woman, Peeples (2013) is more like Our Family Wedding filmed a year ago in 2012. It’s funny, spontaneous, lively yet ironic. The action of Peeples revolves around the events at the reunion. A wealthy big family gathers in small town to enjoy each other company. The situation is heating up when Wade Walker, a young infamous “looser”, decides to ask a hand of Peeples’ lovely daughter Grace' at the pivotal point this rejoicing . This out of the blue surprise causes the effect of chain reaction, which ignites an extraordinary comic turmoil in Hamptons. Nevertheless, Wade Walker has to learn that there are different kinds of Peeples and even the “worst” of them could not be a serious obstacle for true love. Although, Peeples is a directorial debut of Tina Gordon Chism, who was previously known mostly as writer (ATL, Drumline), she managed to gather some brilliant cast: Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope from Scandal, Broomhilda von Schaft from Django Unchained) plays as Grace Peeples, while Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine, Eastbound & Down) plays as Wade Walker.
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