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2011 Mar 18, Add new Source


English  |  Comedy & Humor
If you like comedy and you like Sci-Fi, then you will like "Paul" movie. The story includes some recognizable names, faces, and voices from Hollywood. Two comic book/ Sci-Fi geeks, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (from Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead), take their trek to pay homage to the heartland of American Ufology, Area 51. To their utter shock they come upon a living alien named, you guessed it, Paul (voice by Seth Rogan) and then, cue the ensuing hilarity and a bit of action. Chased by the feds, and an insane father of a girl they ‘accidentally’ kidnap, the duo rush to get Paul safely to his mother ship in order to be reunited with his own kind and escape the government solitude that has been forced upon him.
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