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2013 Jan 23, Add new Source


English  |  Crime & Thriller
Jason Statham now impersonates Parker, a professional thief with Robin Hood habits. His credo: not to steal from poor people and not to hurt innocent ones. And as it often happens in real life, goodness is punishable, especially when you are a thief (even if the best one). Parker’s abettors start playing unclean game against him, finally stealing his heist and leaving Parker for dead. But something was wrong with these guys. May be they did know nothing about Jason Statham and his obsession for sophisticated revenge? It was miserable fault on their part. Parker has resurrected as rich Texan accompanied by his “canceled” victim, Leslie, both eager to spread fear, destruction and devastation around. It is a time to rue for Parker’s ex friends. If an astonishing play of Jason Statham isn’t enough reason to watch the movie, here is a surprise to change your mind: gorgeous Jennifer Lopez plays Leslie, and this couple Statham plus Lopez may be the only thing making the film worth to watch despite the Transporter-like plot.
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