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2012 Dec 25, Add new Source

Parental Guidance

English  |  Comedy & Humor
A light heart touching comedy from Andy Fickman, Parental Guidance features Billy Crystal as Artie Decker and Bette Midler as Diane Decker. Mr. and Mrs. Decker are old-school pair faced to look after their three grandkids as their parents went out from town for work for a few weeks. The thing go wrong from the very first minutes of their “babysitting”. It seems like old-school methods of parenting are not suitable for 21-th century kids living in their hyper-dynamical rhythms. But there are no choices and both the elderly couple and their grandchildren have to learn a magic of love that like a connecting thread binds all the generations regardless to how they are treat what is wrong and what is right in this world. Meanwhile, it becomes clear for Artie and Diane, that their grandchildren Harper, Turner, Barker are the most lovely and good-behaving persons in their lives, although the first days of ‘babysitting’ were completely failed due to insane misbehavior of the children. By the way Harper is played by Bailee Madison, who may be familiar to you by her roles in Bridge to Terabithia (as May Belle, a younger sister of Jesse Aarons) and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (as Sally Hurst).
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