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2012 Oct 19, Add new Source

Paranormal Activity 4

English  |  Horror & Suspense
Ariel Schulman is returning to direct the fourth sequel in line of Paranormal Activity movies. Filmed in 2012 for pennies (as always) Paranormal Activity 4 features the same actors in the same roles. Kathryn Newton portrays Alice while Katie Featherston plays Katie. A little boy named Robbie is played by Brady Allen (remember the kid from The Middle?) and Matt Shively (the voice of Sky from Winx Club franchise) stars as Alex. The story of Paranormal Activity 4 is quite predictable, and hinted from the previous movies. It follows the mystery of family disappeared in 2006 which, a story recorded by numerous of cameras installed all over the house, where, now, the other family must go thru their horror drama, and we have a chance to watch every frightening moment documented by both IP cameras and Skype videos. As it may be concluded the movie style and way of filming are not the subjects to change from one sequel to another, and there is a quite obvious and very pragmatic explanation of this fact; this is the one and only working business model the allows Paramount Pictures to keep churning out hundreds of millions dollars out of every low budget Paranormal Activity until the wheels fall off.
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