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2013 Apr 26, Add new Source

Pain & Gain

English  |  Action & Adventure
Daniel Lugo and Adrian Doorbal are undistinguished bodybuilders, working as coaches in Sun Gym. They are sick and tired of their poor and unpromising life. At one day Daniel Lugo was enlightened by the “brilliant” idea: to kidnap a rich and spoiled local businessman, Victor Kershaw, a prosperous client of Sun Gym. The plot was easy: to torture Victor as long as it will be in need to make him signing his capital over to the “Sun Gym Gang” as their call themselves. To make the tortures more “impressive”, the gang enlists the help of Paul Doyle, a monstrous criminal who was recently released from jail. Pain & Gain director Michael Bay has managed to gather an extraordinary cast in his movie Paul Doyle is played by Dwayne Johnson, a big guy from WWE who starred in Journey to the Center of the Earth (2 and 3), Snitch, Faster and The Other Guys. Mark Wahlberg (Broken City, Ted, Date Night, The Happening) also stars in Pain & Gain as Daniel Lugo, while Anthony Mackie (Gangster Squad, Real Steel, The Fighter, The Departed) is Adrian Doorbal. You may find interesting the fact that Pain & Gain was filmed after the real-life story about real Sun Gym Gang: both of them, Adrian Doorbal and Adrian Doorbal were sentenced for the electric chair in Florida. This time they are awaiting their fate in Florida's death row.
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