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2012 Dec 21, Add new Source

On The Road

English  |  Drama
An incredibly perfect adaptation of a cultish in 50’ Jack Kerouac’s novel which became a huge landmark in its time, On The Road immerses us into the atmosphere of that paranoidal decade where any discrepancies of “normal” behavior was a suspect. There were the times of Second Red Scare incepted by McCarthyism which led the nations of USA and USSR to Cold War. In these ambiguous times a just-married couple, a young ex-prisoner Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady) and his beautiful wife Marylou (Kristen Stewart) travel across the America in pursuit of new sensations. In their voyage they meet young writer Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) , who recently buried his father and who decides to break with the past and heads into the new future where he hopes to find the inspiration for book he writes. This autobiographical storyline which is prominently implemented in the book runs through the movie too. The fact is that Jack Kerouac was really in the crisis when he started the book, and he actually was traveling across the USA with his friends to find an inspiration for the book he later named On The Road, which became a basis for Walter Salles movie of the same name in 2012.
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