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2011 May 20, Add new Source

Midnight in Paris

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Although it was too expensive to actually film Midnight in Paris in Paris the film retains the premise of a family spending time there. While traveling to Paris, the French capital city known for being romantic and alluring, a family plans on spending time there together. A young couple, engaged and confused about life come to learn that there just may be a different life to be offered and it’s even better than what they have going. Director Woody Allen wanted to film in Paris back in 2006 but changed his mind when it became obvious it would be too costly. His choices in cast members was spot on and the results is one of the brightest and funniest romantic comedies in recent history. Owen Wilson (Marley & Me, Little Fockers), Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes, Morning Glory), Adrien Brody (The Experiment, Predators), and Cathy Bates (Harry’s Law, Fried Green Tomatoes) head up a talented cast that keeps this comic romp moving along as they fine their way around in the bright lights of Paris.
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