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2012 May 25, Add new Source

Men in Black III-D

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The latest in the popular series of Men in Black films is coming to a theater near you and even Barry Sonnenfeld (director) and Steven Spielberg will return as exec producer of this action packed movie which will also be in 3-D this time around. Josh Brolin also returns as the Young Kevin Brown or Agent K and Rip Torn will once again portray Chief Zed MIB head. The MIB team always give us an amusing action packed thrill ride of a movie and this time around, with the addition of 3-D action we can expect even more! Agent J (Will Smith) takes a time jump reversal to the 1960 era to find that an alien is after the young version of Agent K (Josh Brolin) and even threatening the very existence of humankind. When Agent O (played by Emma Thompson) says Agent K died over forty years ago it gets confusing but the time jump makes many things more interesting in this plot twisting mankind saving film. Watch for the voice differences between Jones and Brolin and you decide who’s who.
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