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2013 Jun 14, Add new Source

Man of Steel

English  |  Action & Adventure
Man of Steel is the next one in a long row of reboots which shook the film industry in 2012-2013. Following the year after Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spiderman - Zack Snyder ‘s Man of Steel is the not just the next Superman franchise reboot – it is the great milestone in a history of entire world cinematograph. Produced by Christopher Nolan the creator of unparalleled Inception, Man of Steel tells the same story as his 25-years old predecessor but with enormous (even for 2013) budget around 200,000,000 USD. Filmed in Plano, Illinois the movie at the same time uses Chicago and Vancouver as backdrops. The huge budget mostly dictated by enchanting ensemble of the cast and incredible 3D which is reported to be much more sophisticated than everything you could watch before. In case of Man of Steel it’s a venture without a risk: as the Superman is known to almost everyone on Earth, and there are three major target audiences that eager to watch it. First of all, it’s new generation that heard of Superman a lot, and watched numerous TV series and spoofs. The second, there is the generation that remembers Ilya Salkind ‘s Superman. And third one is the oldest audience, who have read DC comics itself and bring their children (second generation audience) to the cinema to show them first Superman movie. So we have there a winning marketing strategy combined with most advanced CGI as it is at 2013. What about the actors? Henry Cavill as Superman looks very hot, while his parents realistically depicted by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane (Jonathan and Martha Kent – Superman’s Earthborn foster parents), Jor-El (a Superman’s real father from Krypton) is portrayed by Russell Crowe. The epitome of the do-or-die female reporter, Lois Lane is played by Amy Adams, who may be familiar to you as Anna Brady form Leap Year and Charlene Fleming from The Fighter.
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