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2012 Apr 20, Add new Source


English  |  Action & Adventure
Considered to be a “loose cannon” in his field, agent Snow is convicted of conspiracy to commit the crime of espionage even though he did not do the crime, and is offered the opportunity to be freed. This is a man who knows about breaking the rules and now the President’s daughter is imprisoned in space, he is the best chance to find her and free her. Seems the prison, which is located deep in space, has been taken over by prisoners and there is a Lock-Out in progress. Violent inmates seem to have the upper edge but Snow is determined to free the young woman and gain his freedom at the same time. Snow is portrayed by Guy Pearce from Rules of Engagement and The Hurt Locker is one mean “good guy” who knows all about breaking the rules. He goes after Emillie Warnock (Maggie Grace from Malice in Wonderland and TV series Lost) who is the captured daughter of the U.S. President. What happens next is violence and mayhem at its best and film maker Luc Besson seems to have successfully graduated from “epic” films to action packed adventure.
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