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2012 Nov 16, Add new Source


English  |  Biography
Centered at the political fight around Emancipation Proclamation, filmed by Steven Spielberg in 2012, Lincoln tell us a story of struggle of the Americas most known president against his enemies both on the civil war frontline and in lobbies and meetings. Focused to cancel slavery in America, Lincoln faces a horrible emotional stress, especially when it comes to controversies with his cabinet. The astonishing Joseph Gordon-Levitt performance as Robert Todd Lincoln and brilliant play of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln are both overshadowed by pretentious play of Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens, which, of course, means that genius Steven Spielberg’s ability to gather fantastic cast ensemble took place this time too. The film generously depicts president political and family life, showcasing him not only as a hero, but as an ordinary man faced to the most glorious challenge of his life in the dramatic circumstances when whole nation is divided into two opposing camps and the authorities are torn by serious contradictions.
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