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2012 Sep 14, Add new Source

Liberal Arts

English  |  Drama
Successfully debuted at The Dallas International Film Festival, Liberal Arts is an American romantic-drama film directed by talented Josh Radnor, who not only written a screenplay for the movie by performed the leading role of the Jesse, a lonesome mid-aged university admissions officer who visits his old college in order to honor his ex-mentor. At this pivotal moment of his live he meets a girl, a 19 years old Zibby (the role performed by lovely Elizabeth Olsen, whose sole presence in the film makes it worthy to watch). Zibby and Jesse relationships develop in the way typical for 36-years old mature man and romantic 19-tears old girl, who know nothing about what this world is like. The only thing that makes their relations seemingly not icky is the Jesse serious take of this moral dilemma, which sometimes crossing the border between serious and funny. Especially in the scene when he calculated the deeps of his lapse from virtue: “When I was 19, she was 3; when I was 16 she was 0….hmmm…when I’ll be 86, she will be 70” the last equation makes him sort of more easy looking on this hefty age difference (but he, and everyone in the move; and even we understand the point well).
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