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2011 Feb 11, Add new Source

Just Go With It

English  |  Romance
With a stellar cast and direction from Dennis Dugan what can possibly go wrong? This movie promises to satisfy when you include the cast of Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman. Even musician Dave Mathews and fashion model Brooklyn Decker add much to the ambiance of this fun flick. Loosely based on the Goldie Hawn movie from 1969, Cactus Flower, the premise revolves around a plastic surgeon who wants to be married. He pretends to be unhappily married (to secretary Jennifer Aniston) and soon find he and her children taking a trip to Hawaii which will definitely change each of their lives. Nicole Kidman and Dave Mathews come on the scene as a cool couple who are part of the “hip scene” and Brooklyn Decker (Sports Illustrated model) is the girl of Danny’s (Adam Sandler) dreams who mostly decorates the film throughout the movie. Just Go With is a romantic comedy that has a message which is all about being honest from the get go with relationships that matter.
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