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2013 Mar 22, Add new Source

Jack the Giant Killer

English  |  Action & Adventure
According to the fairy tale story there was once a race of giants who ruled the earth. Now the young farmhand Jack finds he is responsible for opening a gateway that allowed the giants to return and reclaim the land they lost centuries ago. Jack, who now becomes the Giant Killer, is now fighting for the kingdom, people, and also the life of a kidnapped princess. Now Jack will become an unwilling legend when he defies the giants he only thought existed in a legendary story. Farm boy Jack is played by Nicholas Hoult (About A Boy, XMen: First Class), Eleanor Tomlinson (Alice in Wonderland) is Isabelle the princess, Stanley Tucci (Shall We Dance?, Julie & Julia) is Lord Roderick, the King’s advisor. Ian McShane (Kings, Pillars of the Earth) is King Brahmwell, father of the princess who hates to see his royal daughter falling for the lowly farm boy. Jack the Giant Killer will be a fun fairy tale come to life on the big screen!
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