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2012 Dec 21, Add new Source

Jack Reacher

English  |  Action & Adventure
In a small silent American city five are shot dead. The local policemen make a rapid investigation and quickly arrest the culprit. It seems like everything is clear and the case is closed. But the guy accused in five death makes a strange declaration in front of cameras "Get Jack Reacher", claiming himself innocent. The crystal clear case turns out to be a complicated chain of events, when Reacher, who saw the accused man’s request, heads to the city in order to restore the justice. The movie is solely based on Lee Child’s series of novels about the giant military professional Jack Reacher. In the Christopher McQuarrie’s movie Jack is portrayed by Tom Cruise. Although Cruise is not as tall as Jack Reacher described in Lee Child’s books, he manages the role in very persuasive way. Furthermore, Tom looks perfectly adequate for the role of Reacher, mostly because we are to accustomed to his previous roles as special agents or military professionals in the movies like Valkyrie, Knight and Day, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.
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