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2013 May 03, Add new Source

Iron Man 3

English  |  Action & Adventure
Iron Man 3 is an American super-hero fantasy film scheduled to release in 2013. The movie is mostly based on the best of Marvel’s Iron Man comics’ series, “Extremis”. In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark finds himself helpless before the menace that looms on him, his beloved ones and all the civilized humanity. His feels guilty for numerous deaths of his friends in the previous “Good vs. Evil” fights. He decides to change the world around himself, to make it less harmful both for personal guilt and happy and restful life of his folks. These attempts make world better break into pieces when powerful “Extremis” break loose in its turn. Referred as a virus, “Extremis” is not exactly what you think. It’s a Super-Soldier Serum that consists of billions of programmable nano-robots. This army of robots invades the human brain and affects so called “Body’s Repair Center”. These nano-mediums totally erase all the original instructions that allows as to recover from wounds and replace these instructions with preprogrammed ones. The body fails to perform its basic functions and fails covered with serious injuries caused by “Extremis” action. Then the new program tells body’s repair how to repair these wounds by replacing old tissues by new ones and even how to grow new organs. The better ones. The fact that this serum was produced at one of Stark factory’s makes him feeling even guiltier. But there is no time to regrets, the Evil equipped with “Extremis” attacks a human world, and Iron Man is our last hope. Being defeated by virus-powered evil forces in the first round, Tony takes a frantic pace – he enchants his body with “Extremis” too. But his program for body’s repair center makes quite big difference with the “bad guy’s” one.
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