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2013 Feb 08, Add new Source

Identity Thief

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Could you imagine what would happen if your identity had been stolen: your good name had been used by another person, who easily would completely destroy your credit history by being a “Shopping Queen” with your credit card? The Identity Thief, filmed in 2013 telling us exact story about unlucky businessman living in Denver, NY whose identity was stolen by a woman living in Miami. How is that possible, you say? Easily, if man’s name is Sandy, there is no problem for woman to be Sandy too -Sandy Bigelow Patterson, to be accurate. The movie storyline revolves around the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson, who is traveling across the half-country to catch the thief and to get real Sandy's financial personality back. This unlucky character is impersonated by Jason Bateman, who may be familiar to you as Michael Bluth in Arrested Development and Keith Yert in Hit and Run. You may also remember him in one of the leading roles in Horrible Bosses (as Nick Hendricks).
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