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2011 Feb 18, Add new Source

I Am Number Four

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
As a fifteen year old alien John Smith (from the planet Lorien) finds himself a fugitive fleeing dangerous enemies from the planet Mogadorian, a different race of aliens. "I am Number Four" is John’s secret. But it’s a lot to ask of such a young man and along with his guardian Henri (played by Timothy Olyphant) must keep on the run, moving from town to town. Music from Rockwell helps the suspense remain high as we hear “Somebody’s Watching Me” play in the background. John Smith finds he has certain powers and that he is not the only teenage alien around the planet Earth. There were a total of eight and they were destined to die in order and one at a time. Now it is Smith’s turn. I am number four is about deadly encounters and youthful desires as John Smith finds romance in Paradise, Ohio. But he cannot be “normal” because he is constantly being chased and is next in line to be eliminated. With companion and guardian Henri’s help John finds his ability is growing and just maybe he can fight off the powerful forces that are after him.
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