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2012 Dec 07, Add new Source

Hyde Park on Hudson

English  |  Drama
In the year of 1939, the King and Queen of United Kingdom, George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon are visiting New York to seek the help from America in a forthcoming War with Germany. The success of their voyage is totally dependent on negotiation with the President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt who has invited the Royals to his residence - Hyde Park on Hudson. Meanwhile, FDR himself is experiencing hard times with domestic policy and low ratings of trust. The situation is even getting worse when Margaret Suckley, a Roosevelt’s mistress and distant cousin joins him alongside with his wife and children to ensure the pleasant stay of royal couple during the weekend. This crucial parley is going to turn out to be the fateful pivot point both of the world history and FDR and Margaret relationships. Few people know ins and outs of this historical meeting and Roger Michell’s movie, Hyde Park on Hudson, unfolds the truth about it. It showcases lots of funny moments (just imagine facial expression of Royals, when Margaret announces hot dogs as main dish of the lunch), misapprehensions at the edge of fouls and lots of other objectionable situations FDR and Margaret masterly get out from. The right chemistry between the perfectly selected actors and actress make this movie definitely delicious and easy to watch. Franklin D. Roosevelt is portrayed by Bill Murray. Laura Linney plays Margaret Suckley while Olivia Williams plays Eleanor Roosevelt, FRD’s wife. The Royal couple is played by Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth and Samuel West as King George VI.
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