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2010 Dec 17, Add new Source

How Do You Know

English  |  Romance
A light-hearted romantic comedy produced for Christmas-season audiences, “How Do You Know?” movie has all the right stuff for gentle laughter and wistful sighs. Reese Witherspoon stars as Lisa Jorgensen, twenty-seven year old former athlete, who feels past her prime and out of synch with the timeline for love, family, and happily ever after. Tougher and edgier than the usual Reese Witherspoon heroine, Lisa is both a perfect complement and an ideal foil for her radically contrasting would-be boyfriends. Legions of twenty-something professional women readily will identify with Lisa” Thinking about her friends getting married and having babies, Lisa worries, “I don’t know if I have what it takes for everybody’s regular plan.” Of course, the plot in “How Do You Know?” develops from the standard love triangle—Lisa stands at the apex, perpetual romantic cutie Paul Rudd playing troubled corporate guy at one vertex, and perpetual gotta-love-him dude Owen Wilson playing baseball guy at the other vertex. Under the skillful direction of Academy Award winner James L. Brooks of “As Good As It Gets” fame, “How Do You Know?” becomes a delicious holiday confection with a generous soupcon of Jack Nicholson thrown-in for flavor and spice.
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