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2012 Sep 21, Add new Source

House at the End of the Street

English  |  Horror & Suspense
After her divorce Sarah and her teenage daughter, Elissa move to a small rural town hoping to start their lives anew. The upscale community hides some very scary goings on that evidently occurred in the house next door to theirs and things begin happening very soon. Danger and evil lurk behind this small town’s sleepy exterior and both mom and daughter soon find their dream home is haunted and teeming with terror and violence. Evidently years ago a girl killed both her parents as they slept in their beds in the house next door. She disappeared leaving Ryan (her brother) as the lone survivor of the family. When Elissa and Ryan get cozy the dangers grow! Elissa is played by Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games), Sarah is played by Elisabeth Shue (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), and playing Ryan is Max Thieriot (The Family Tree). Small towns seem to have more secrets even than large cities or at least they sure seem to have scarier past histories.
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