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2012 Aug 10, Add new Source

Hope Springs

English  |  Romance
Written by Vanessa Taylor and directed by David Frankel (Devil Wears Prada), sweet and relaxing Hope Springs depicts the middle-aged couple trying to reignite their descending relationships. The wife, Kay is played by still beautiful and unparalleled Meryl Streep (just remember her remarkable leading role in The Iron Lady). Along with her husband, Arnold, portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, she is attending the intense counseling courses specially designated to help "a long-time-ago" married couples to find some warm feelings to each other. The guru of sessions which are organized in the gorgeous seaside town of Great Hope Springs, Dr. Bernie Feld, undertaking his best efforts to persuade Kay and Arnold Soames to revise their relationships both in everyday life and in sex; to rise the libido; to find the resources in each other to delight and love. In this search of happy live, the couple make some fateful decision, that casts the doubt on how is really in need this courses were to revive the love which never disappeared.
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