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2012 Aug 24, Add new Source

Hit and Run

English  |  Action & Adventure
At the first glance Hit and Run (2012) looks like Knockin' on Heaven's Door (1997) combined with Drive (2011), which is causing some negative expectations, taking into consideration the fact of how many times Knockin' on Heaven's Door was cloned, mostly in disastrous manner. But, it only at the first look, the second one will be stopped in state of total quandary by ill-fitting Bradley Cooper dreads. Bradley is hardly recognizable in Hit and Run, but it’s still him playing the partner of former motorcyclist Charlie Bronson with a kind of “shady” past. The movie plot is based on quite untwisted screenplay written by Dax Shepard (who has directed film, too, and played the main protagonist), the story about mad driver who risked everything busting Witness Protection Program, for the sake of one single aim: to bring his beautiful fiancée to Los Angeles where she gets her dream job. If you are about to say something like: “what a stupid idea: to risk your life for girlfriend job?” you better just stop, take a deep breath and rethink it, maybe you’ll do the same if gorgeous Kristen Bell was your girlfriend. Changed your mind, duh? Oh, yes, the Kristen and Bradley duo will definitely make you wishing to watch this movie. But let’s go back to the plot: while driving to LA, the couple will encounter lots of awkward adventurous including: ex-gang mobs chasing Charlie, his partner seeking buried treasures from criminal past, and, of course cops sitting on their tails.
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