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2012 Oct 12, Add new Source

Here Comes the Boom

English  |  Comedy & Humor
The premise of Here Comes the Boom is ludicrous and absurd yet funny and preposterous. A tired of cost cutting school plans, 42- years old biology teacher dares to change how thing run and the extra-curricular music program from being closed and his teacher from being laid off. The way he chooses to raise the money for school budget is quite extraordinary one. He decides to start a career as the professional mixed-martial arts fighter. There is one only problem that stands between him and preventing the financial collapse – he cannot fight. But an incredible luck combined with a strong will work wonders together, because even if you lose the fight you get your money anyway. This simple idea motivates Scott Voss (Kevin James: Zookeeper, The Dilemma) to raise the money for the school and impress the nurse he unsuccessfully trying to seduce. You would perhaps be trying too, if you know that the nurse is portrayed by a sultry beautiful woman, Salma Hayek.
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