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2012 Jan 20, Add new Source


English  |  Action & Adventure
Filmed in the magnificent county of Dublin and surrounding area in Ireland, Haywire is action packed and well written. The beautiful Mallory Kane, a covert operative freelancer, has been hired out on jobs many governments find disrespectful but need to be done. She has just completed a mission to Barcelona in which she saved the day in a hostage situation when called upon to go to Dublin, Ireland. Mallory soon finds she was double crossed and in order to escape from a manhunt that ends up international in proportion, she will need to call on all her tricks, skills, and abilities in order to get back home to her family in the United States. Along the way Mallory will have the opportunity to get revenge against those she found have betrayed her and threatened her life. An intrepid covert operative, Mallory Kane finds the romantic lifestyle she is living nearly too much for her to handle this time. An exciting movie, Haywire delivers plenty of action and adventure.
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