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2011 Apr 08, Add new Source


English  |  Action & Adventure
A genuinely suspenseful thriller featuring accomplished actresses in uncharacteristic roles, Hanna combines the considerable talents of Saoirse Roana, notable for her compelling performance in The Lovely Bones, and Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett. No longer a long-suffering ingénue, Ms. Roana plays Hanna herself, “the perfect killing machine,” and Ms. Blanchett plays a ruthless intelligence agent with clear family ties to Cruella DeVille, Ma Barker, Catherine Tramell, and other stellar sociopaths. Please suspend disbelief for Hanna’s fundamental premise: Hanna’s father, formerly CIA and now resident of Finland’s rugged frontier, has trained his daughter to become the consummate assassin. Whether or not you find it plausible, you must admit it’s not a bad idea: Who ever would suspect the innocent abroad would be hell-bent on killing? Well, okay, who but Blanchett’s character? As Hanna evades capture and approaches her ultimate target, she discovers a character attribute which feels and acts surprisingly like a conscience. Remember the time-honoured themes in modern literature—good versus evil, and character versus his or her own human nature? Hanna updates and intensifies those themes in a well-paced, white-knuckle post-modern, girl-power package.
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