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2011 Jun 17, Add new Source

Green Lantern

English  |  Action & Adventure
In a more sophisticated “golden age” when American public schools actually taught people to read, Hollywood made movies from literature—Grapes of Wrath, for example, or To Have and Have Not. According to Oliver Stone, in the 1990s, film became the literature of the age. In 2011, driven by a fetish for “CG integration,” Hollywood adopted the comic book as its model of choice. Not “the graphic novel,” which has a slightly more elevated ring to it. No. The comic book. Comic book novices may have difficulty differentiating their Green super-heroes: The Green Lantern does not attract The Green Hornet as moth to flame. Green Lantern may, however, attract almost as many teen girls as teen geeks, because it features Ryan Reynolds, People Magazine’s sexiest man, archetype of “obscenely cut” abs. Critics already have remarked and documented strong similarities between Green Lantern and the IronMan series. Given its comic book origins, you know how Green Lantern goes: Cocky gonna-be super-hero must grow into and take responsibility for his super-powers. He becomes part of an inter-galactic super-squadron charged to protect and serve the universe. Of course, hard-rockin’ soundtrack and jaw-droppingly attractive women, both good and evil, accompany him wherever he goes. After summer’s spate of cartoon movies, literate viewers may wax nostalgic for Hemingway in collaboration with Bogart and Steinbeck inspiring Henry Fonda.
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