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2012 Feb 24, Add new Source

Good Deeds

English  |  Comedy & Humor
In Good Deeds which is his 10th time up to bat as director, Tyler Perry puts his all into the movie by also writing and producing as well as starring in it. Considered a heart warming romantic drama Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) falls for a young woman who cleans offices in the building he works in. The building cleaning lady is Lindsey Wakefield (Thandie Newton from The Pursuit of Happyness, For Colored Girls) who’s a hard luck single mom just trying to make ends meet. When Deeds finds himself falling for her it jeopardizes his impending marriage to his fiancé, the wealthy Natalie (Gabrielle Union from TV’s Ugly Betty and Life). While Wesley Deeds finds his life is uncomplicated and planned out future ahead of him looking bright he now must choose between his soon to be bride and the exciting new woman that came into his life. He is about to assume the lead position in his father’s business and settle down for the remainder of his well planned out future but can he overcome the desires of his heart? Also starring Brian White (TV’s Men of a Certain Age, Body of Proof) as Wesley’s brother Walter, Phylicia Rashad as their mother Wilimena Deeds, Psych and Cosby from television, and Rebecca Romijn (TV’s Ugly Betty, Eastwick) as Heidi.
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