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2010 Aug 27, Add new Source

Going the Distance

English  |  Romance
Going the Distance (2010 movie) centers on the young couple just met each other. Beer and talks in the bar ... transforming to the joint breakfast the next morning, and the boundless wit and sincerity Erin fascinate Garrett who survived a separation recently. Passion flared up and turned into a storm of emotions that captured the young people all summer, but nobody expected that the novel might be continued; just because Erin goes home to San Francisco, and Garrett heading to his new job in New York. However, six weeks of mindless fun suddenly turns into a serious feeling, and both are no longer sure whether they want to put the and. Despite thousands of miles of distance and a continent divides them, contrary the protests of their friends and relatives, and most unexpected temptations, the couple, perhaps, be able to preserve the fragile feeling, so reminiscent of love. They are trying to overcome everything that separates them with the continuous phone calls and the SMSs, sometimes very frank and emotional…
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